C.E.s' war on oil leaks

911 Tech tip

Rocker shafts

It is my opinion that rocker arm/shaft installation is responsible for more 911 rebuild oil leaks than anything else.

Step 1:           "Dry installation"

                      When you install your rockers you naturally put engine assembly lube on the rocker arm and shaft for break in.........right? Wrong!

                      Install each rocker and shaft dry, then after torqueing the shaft, then oil the rocker through the oil holes and either side of the rocker. You can still put cam lube on the cam and rocker face.

Step 2:          "The torque"

                      I'm a fanatic about torque specs. I follow the factory bible to the letter 99% of the time. But this is one of the exceptions. The factory manual says the rocker shaft torque should be 1.8 kpm. Multiply that x 7.23 and it converts to 13 ft lbs. This spec is fine if you have the luxury of new cam towers and new rocker shafts, but that is a very rare occurrence. Usually the cam towers have been used at least once or twice before. So........you torque your shaft to 1.8 kpm and less than a thousand miles later it looks like your new engine was built by a hack. On used rocker assemblies increase the torque to 2.5 > 2.8 kpm and the rockers won't come loose and the engine stays dry!

I have been using this installation method since 1980 and it's always worked.



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