Assembled by Competition Engineering

1- Your restored engine has been sent to you EMPTY!!
It is up to you to fill the crankcase with oil.
We suggest a non-Detergent 30 sae oil.
This oil will be left in for the break in period. Approximately 300 to 600 miles.
After this initial period you may use any oil you see fit to use.
We don't use any synthetic oil partially due to the fact that almost all camshaft companies' call their warrantees void if they are used.
And we are still living in the dark ages around here.
Fill your Crankcase with 3 quarts. Remove all the spark plugs and disconnect the coil wire so the engine can't produce spark.
Crank the engine over until oil pressure is shown on gauge or until the oil light goes out.
Then you can install the spark plugs and connect the coil wire & check the oil level and fill it to the dipstick level.
Your engine is close enough on timing and dwell to start.
It may take some time for the fuel pump to fill the float bowls. Some people fill the bowls prior to start up. We feel this is a good idea but great care must be taken. Remember Gasoline & ignition are a combination to be respected.
 We strongly suggest that two people be present during Initial start up. One to start the engine. And one to watch for fires and oil / fuel leaks.
Your engine should start immediately after float bowls are full.
When it starts DO NOT LET IT IDLE.
Rev the engine to 2000 to 3500 RPM. And leave it there for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
During this time your engine will smoke from all of the fresh paint & rust inhibiting oils on the parts.
Once the engine has (Scrubbed In) for at least this period of time. You can let it idle, and complete your tuning procedures.
Now that your engine is tuned and running smooth, it's ready to drive.

We have only a few rules for break in.

1 - Drive easy till engine reaches full operating temp. (Warmed Up)
2 - Vary RPM. Don't get on the highway at 3800 RPM and drive for an hour. Drive up hills if possible. "Drive the car"
3 - Check your oil often at first. Don't be surprised if you burn some quickly. Your rings my seat right away. Or it may take 1000 Miles. This is normal.
After 300 to 600 miles. Change your oil & filter. And adjust your valves.

THAT'S IT!!   Have Fun.


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